animation samples

data flow
Data Flow

ip - electrostatic discharge
IP – Electrostatic Discharge
ip - monster cable - 3D
IP – Monster Cable – 3D

IP - InventionAnimation
IP – Invention Animation
IP - Gameplay Animation
IP – Gameplay Animation

Don’t say the old lady screamed – bring her on and let her scream.”
– Mark Twain – American Author, Adventurer & Humorist

It has been well established through mutliple, rigorous cognitive studies that well-crafted visuals, combined with spoken presentation, increase memory retention in the target audience significantly – up to 60%. Even more so, the use of animation and/or flash interactive demonstratives in your visual presentation, for select, appropriate content and argument points, can further increase that retention rate. Animation and interactive media can more impactfully address temporal and/or spacial issues, or meaningfully “deconstruct” complex subject matter, where static, graphical slides may fail … and where trying to convey orally is “with a hope and a prayer”. Animation and interactive media can step-by-step or concurrently build and lead a viewer’s focus through content, where a static slide may not. It can simultaneously build and juxtapose comparatives in meaningful and compelling ways, where a static slide may not. It can take viewers into micro-worlds where static slides as effectively may not.