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By Dave Nugent w/ contribution from Sarah Murray, Trialcraft, Inc. We trial graphics consultants often get the question, “Are we digging a Goliath hole for ourselves here with this presentation?” This question arises when attorneys fear that a sophisticated visual presentation could impress the jury as deep pockets bullying of a smaller party. Fourteen years […]

We have all read the many litigation community blogs and articles that warn about “Death by Bullet Point” text presentations. Numerous Government, Education and Cognitive Psychology studies have statistically shown that Visual Presentations – oral presentations with supporting graphics – enhance audience engagement and memory retention by 30% to 65% over bullet point text or unaided oral presentations. […]

By Dave Nugent Why is it important that a trial attorney understand the retention capabilities of his jurors’ minds? Consider all the information a juror is confronted with over the course of a trial: jury instruction; defense and plaintiff argument; expert & witness testimony; cross; demonstrative content; exhibits; etc. In complex matters, it is vital […]

By Dave Nugent w/ contribution from Sarah Murray, Trialcraft, Inc. Why test your planned trial graphics in a pretrial focus group or mock trial? The benefits go beyond the valuable feedback on the graphics themselves. Without these visual aids, pretrial Focus Group breakout sessions often frustratingly reveal interpretive mutations of oral argument as jurors try […]